Although Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank is well-known as the bank behind many branded retail credit cards, it also offers competitive yields on savings accounts and Fixed Deposits.

-Dhiraj Pradhan

I have been working with Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd. for the past 15 years. Most clients focus on bank that provide high dividends, however upon my knowledge and experience, this bank has the ease of transaction and customer support which is necessity for customer these days. Thus, I find this bank's services of high standard.

-Srijana Shah

I was hesitant to open an account with a "Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank". What started as a checking account 3 years ago has expanded to FD's event Demat services. I receive better customer service from Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank than I do my local bank.

-Surabhi Bhattarai

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