Mahalaxmi Home Equity Loan

Personal Banking (Loans)

Mahalaxmi Home Equity Loan facility is available forPersonal purpose such as marriage, education, treatment, settlement of borrowing, etc.The loan is eligible forsalaried individuals, self-employed individuals, working professionals &Individuals with any other established source of Income.

Loan Features

  • Up to 15 Years Tenure
  • Attractive rate of interest
  • Financing: NPR.5 lakhs to 5 Crores

हाम्रा अन्य विशेषताहरु

व्यवसाय दर्ता गरी सुरु गर्नका लागी कर्जा माग भएमा कुल लागतको २० प्रतिशत सम्म अग्रिम कर्जा प्रवाह गर्न सकिने ।

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