Debit Card

Mahalaxmi Debit Card enables you with the option of making purchases at merchant locations as well as cash withdrawal from ATMs with access to your bank account.


  • Easy Payment : Debit Card is the simplest and most convenient way of making payment of goods and/or services purchased.
  • Convenience : The major advantage is that you need not require carrying bulky cash, as the small plastic is convenient to place in your wallet.
  • Replacement : In case your card is lost/stolen, you can immediately block the usage by informing the bank and get a replacement one.
  • Emergency Use : It is useful during emergency situations like shortage of cash, late night etc.
  • Easy For frequent Travelers : If you are frequent traveler as it prevents hassles of foreign exchange.

Safety Instructions

  • Sign your card immediately upon receipt of the same.
  • Always sign the card with a ballpoint pen.
  • The moment you get your Debit Card, note down the card number and the emergency contact number of the Bank's Card Center separately. Should you ever misplace your card or it gets stolen, it will be possible for you to immediately report a loss.
  • Try and memorize the PIN instead of noting it down somewhere.
  • Don't lend your card to anyone. Be well aware of who has access to your cards. If your Card is borrowed by a family member (spouse, child, parent), with or without your knowledge, you are responsible for their purchase/cash withdrawal.
  • Never disclose the card number and PIN number unnecessarily.
  • Never leave your card unattended at a shop or restaurant.
  • When using your card in a merchant establishment, only your signature is needed. Never disclose any other personal details about yourself, be it your address or phone number.
  • Never sign an incomplete sales slip. Make sure it is totaled.
  • Always keep a copy of the bill and the payment slip and ATM receipts for all transactions.
  • Always check your billing statement. Check the purchases and compare it with the bills and receipts in your possession.
  • Keep the phone numbers of the Bank in a place other than the wallet that nest your card. If your wallet gets picked, you won't have to frantically hunt for the emergency number.
  • In case the card is lost or stolen, report immediately.
  • If returning or handing over the card to the Bank, make sure you give it to a bank official and cut it before doing so. That ensures the card can never be used again.


  • Individuals (major) having savings accounts with Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Limited.

Fees and Charges

  Mobile banking Visa Debit Card
Joining Fee NPR 200 NPR 350
Annual Renew Fee NPR 200 NPR 350
Cancellation Charge        - NPR 250

Transaction Limit

ATM & POS Limit Within Nepal In India
Per Transaction Limit (ATM) NPR 25,000 INR 10,000
Daily Transaction Limit (ATM) NPR 100,000 INR 10,000
Monthly Transaction Limit (ATM) NPR 400,000 INR 100,000
Per Transaction Limit (POS) NPR 100,000 INR 100,000
Daily Transaction Limit (POS) NPR 300,000 INR 100,000
Monthly Transaction Limit (POS) NPR 400,000 INR 100,000

For further information and inquiry please contact

Card Department, Head Office, Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd.

Phone No: 01 5917724 (Office Hour)

Mobile No. 9847387524 (6AM-10PM)

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