Mahalaxmi Byawasaayik Karja

Personal Banking (Loans)

Mahalaxmi Byawasaayik Karja is targeted to motivate and promote micro business enterprises, enhance income generating activities, increase new customer base, reasonably diversify the l Target Segment



Facility Type

  1. Fund Based
  • Overdraft
  • Short Term
  • Term Loan
  • Demand Loan
  1. Non-Funded/ Trade based facilities
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Bid-Bond Guarantee
  • Credit Supply Guarantee & Other Guarantees
  • Letter of Credit (under taking facilities) etc.

Type of facilities

  1. Mahalaxmi Byawasaayik Karja_ Overdraft
  2. Mahalaxmi Byawasaayik Karja_ Term


Eligibility shall be as per the provision of the existing credit Policy guidelines (CPG) of the Bank or updated thereafter

Loan Amount

Minimum 500,000.00 to maximum Upto Obligor Limit of the Bank

Loan Tenure

  • Revolving/ Working Capital/ Overdraft Facilities: Max. 1 year with renewal option subject to satisfactory performance, repayment on demand.
  • In case of Non-Funded Facility:  up to 1 year with renewal option subject to satisfactory performance. However up to 5 years considering the customer’s specific requirement.
  • Term Loan: 15 years for Service, Trading and Manufacturing sector.

Bank Finance

Upto 80% of FMV of collateral security

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