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Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd. Offers wide range of remittance services through various payment networks to meet the need of customers to send/receive remittance from various countries as well as to facilitate domestic fund transfer within the country. The bank has a dedicated Remittance Business Unit, which comprises of an experienced and energetic team of competent staff to provide exceptional customer services during remittance payments.

Customers can receive payments from all our branches sent via
1.    GME Remittance
2.    Everest Remit
3.    Himal Remit
4.    Garima Remit
5.    Boom Remit
6.    Remit 2 Nepal
7.    IME Remit
8.    City Express Money Transfer
9.    I Pay Remit
10.    Prabhu Money Transfer
11.    Sanima Xpress
12.    NIC ASIA Remit
13.    JME Remit Company
14.    Nepal Remit
15.    Mega Remit
16.    Muktinath Remit
17.    Kumari Remit
18.    Sewa Remit
19.    Western Union
20.    NABIL Remit
21.    Suryodaya Remit
22.    Samsara Remit
23.    Sulav Remit
24.    Prithvi Remit
25.    E-Sewa Money Transfer

26.    Easy Link Remit

27.    Modern Remit

28.    Bhatbhateni Remit

29.    Esewa Remit


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