Fees & Charges

Details Registration Charge Renewal Charge Pin Reset Charge
For Staff 0/- 0- 0/-
SMS Banking 200/- 200/- 50/-
SMS Banking(Premium) 200/- 200/- 50/-
Mobile Banking 200/- 200/- 50/-
Mobile Banking(Supreme)-Close trf 200/- 200/- 50/-
Mobile Banking(Premium) 200/- 200/- 50/-
SMS to Mobile (*)
only for those who registered first SMS and then swith to mobile banking
200/- 200/- 50/-(*)
Free Mahalaxmi Bachat Khata 200/- 200/- 50/-(*)

Loan and advances


Charges (Percentage)

1. Loan Processing Fee 1.00%

2. Renewal Fee

3. Pre-payment Charge  
1 Year to 2 Years (above 50 lakhs) 1.00%
2 Years to 5 Years (above 50 lakhs) 0.50%
5 Years above (above 50 lakhs) 0.20%
4. Commitment/Utilization Charge (All OD Loan) 0.20%
5. CIC Charge Actual Basis
6. SWAP Charge 0.20%
7. Penal Charge As Per NRB
8. Interest on Interest As Per NRB
Details Charges
For NPR Demand Draft  Minimum Rs 200 or 0.10%
For INR Demand Draft  Minimum Rs 250 or 0.10% for A/C holders and Minimum Rs, 300 or 0.10% for Non A/C holders
For FCY Demand Draft Minimum Rs 300 or 0.25%
  1% charges on Educational purpose Demand Drafts
Details (Type) Security Deposit Annual Charge
Small 'A'  Rs 10,000/- Rs 1,500/-
Medium 'B' Rs 15,000/- Rs 2,500/-
Medium'C' Rs 20,000/- Rs 3,500/-
Large 'D' Rs 25,000/- Rs 4,500/-
For lost of Locker Key Rs 8,500/-
Locker Closure Rs 500/-(Within 1 year) 
Details Charges  
Issuance Charge Rs 350/-   
Renewal Charge Rs 350/-   
Supplementary Card issuance or Renewal Rs 350/-  ( except Staff)
Re-Pin Charge(PIN Lost) Rs 75/- ( except Staff)
Re-issuance charge (Card Lost) Rs 350/-  ( except Staff)
Transaction Charge As per the VISA policy  
Block Charge Free  
Card Destroy Charge(if not collected within 6 months) Rs 250/-   
Re-issuance of E-banking New Pin in case of Lost  Rs 25/-  
Card Closed Charge Rs 250/-  
Details Charges
Through Remittance As per the policy of the Remit Company
Details Charges (per Cheque)
Clearing Cheque processing charge for amount or equivalent to amount below NPR 2 lakhs Free
Clearing Cheque processing charge for amount above NPR 2 lakhs Rs 30/-
Express Clearing Charge Rs 100/-
Returned Cheque( If charge taken by NCHL) Rs 100/-
Return of Inward Cheque(In case of Balance unavailable) Rs 100/-
IPS Charge AS per NCHL Rule
Details Charges (per Cheque)
Issuance of Cheque book without submitting cheque requisition slip(lost) Rs 200/-(10 pcs only)
Issuance of cheque( In case of Old cheque not brought ) Rs 100/-( per pcs)
Uncollected cheque book destruction charge( after 3 months) Rs 200/-( per cheque book)
Details Charges (per Cheque)
Statement Issuance Free for one time
  Rs 25. per page( For more than one statement printed of the same period)
Details Charges
Within 6 months of transaction Free
Over 6 months to 2 years Rs 100/-
After 2 years Rs 300/-
Details Charges
Local Clearing Cheque 0.5% of Min. Rs 500 for 7 days
Outstation Cheques within Nepal  0.75% or Min. Rs 1000 plus communication charges( casual overdraft interest from 16th day onward)
Returned Instrument( Purchased Cheque) Principal plus casual overdraft interest from the date of purchase
Details Charges
Transfer Min. Rs 100/-
Deposit of FCY As per the NRB policy
Cash Transaction of FCY Free
Account Closure Charge Free
Fixed Deposit Rs 200/-( In case of lost FD receipt )
Stop Payment Rs 250/- per instruction( plus communication charges) for same issuing branch
Stop payment or cancellation of Cheque per request (Cheque Range) Stop Payment of Demand Draft Rs 300/-per instruction( Plus communication charges) for other branches


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