Vision, Mission & Objectives


To become “The Most Trusted Bank” to the customers, to the employees, to the stakeholders and to the regulators through the process of continuous innovation and improvement, strong corporate governance and professional work culture.


Our Mission is to offer safety of deposits & render best services to the customers, build the best place to work with, provide best & perpetual returns to the stakeholders with the strict compliance to the regulations.

The Mission will be accomplished by creating four pillars:
Innovation, Improvement, Corporate Governance & Culture.


  • Provide excellence in customer service by proactive approach.
  • Sell financial products that are competitively priced.
  • Continue business in an ethical, transparent and responsible manner, becoming the role model of corporate governance.
  • Deliver strong financial and operational efficiency by implementing cutting edge technology.
  • Continuously improve the asset quality to obtain sustainable returns.
  • Apply cost effective approach to reduce operational expenses.
  • Adopt professional approach in effectively managing financial as well as non-financial risks.
  • Build a Centre for career growth to performing employees.
  • Maximize profitability by working under the guideline of regulators and internal policies/ guideline.
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