Mahalaxmi Share Karja

Personal Banking (Loans)

Mahalaxmi Share Karjais a loan product paper deliberated to cash against the share (DMAT Share) listed in the Nepal Stock Exchange. The bank provides loan facility by pledging the listed share/s at a predetermined rate of interest. The bank sensations the credit facility after obtaining required documents with the reasonable valuation of the share/s to be pledged. This facility will be in revolving nature.

Acceptable Shares:

  • BFIs maintaining Capital Adequacy Ratio as per NRB Directive.
  • Companies having positive net worth.
  • Listed in Nepal Stock Exchange.
  • Companies having audit report for the fiscal year and year to year.


  • Loan Tenure: Maximum 1 year (renewable)
  • Service Charge: 1% upfront
  • 50 % of lower of 180 days closing or closing price of the shares to be kept as security.
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