Visa Credit Card


Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank offers Visa Credit Card (Domestic) for its customers which enables the option of making purchases on credit at merchant locations, e-Commerce transaction as well as cash withdrawal from ATMs. Credit card is an excellent way to manage your money. Spend now and pay later.



  • 18 years old and above can enjoy this service.
  • Must have income source.



  • Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Credit Card are accepted at ATMs, merchant terminals known as Point of Sales (POS) and online stores for eCommerce transactions accepting VISA across Nepal, Bhutan & India for purchase of services, goods and for cash advance transactions.
  • It is safe and convenient with EMV compliant chip based security.
  • Revolving credit limit with competitive interest rate.
  • Online Shopping (E-Commerce) Facility.
  • Cash advance facility.
  • Flexible repayment options of outstanding amount.
  • SMS and email alert facilities of all Debit transactions.
  • If lost/stolen usage can be blocked immediately by informing the bank.
  • Credit Cards will be auto renewed.



  • Increase purchasing power.
  • Easier to plan your budget.
  • Accepted for ecommerce transaction.
  • Accountable for your spending.
  • Opportunity to build credit.


Documents Required

  • Salary Certificate if salaried.
  • Financial Statements if self-employed.
  • Copy of citizenship/passport.
  • Recent photo.
  • Duly signed Credit Card Apllication Form.
  • Corporate Guarantee (if required).
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