Mahalaxmi Udhamshil Loan

Business Banking (Loans)

Mahalaxmi Uddhyamshil Karja is the loan product that is crafted to encourage youths to actively involve in nation building through involvement in entrepreneurship.

Purposes of Loan:

• Asset Financing
• NTA Financing
• Advance Financing (Your Plan and Our financing)
• Non-Funded/ Trade based facilities

Particulars Features
Facility Type
  1. Fund Based
    • Overdraft
    • Term Loan
    • Demand Loan
  2. Non-Funded/ Trade based facilities
    • Bank Guarantee
    • Performance Guarantee
    • Bid-Bond Guarantee
    • Credit Supply Guarantee & Other Guarantees
    • Letter of Credit (under taking facilities) etc.
Special Offer Adminitrative Fee Cash Back
Eligibility Eligibility shall be asper the provison of existing “Karja Tatha Sapat Sambandhi Niti 2074”  of the bank or updated credit policy/guidelines/manuals thereafter.
Loan Amount Minimum 500,000.00 to maximum 3,00,00,000.00
Loan Tenure
  • OD Loan: 1 Year
  • In case of Non-Funded Facility:  upto 1 year with renewal option suject to satisfactory performance. However upto 5 years considering the customer’s specific requirement.
  • Term Loan: 
    In case of trading /service sector business: Maximum up to 10  years.
    In case of Manufacturing Unit: Maximum up yo 15 years.
Interest Rate 8.94% p.a.
Loan Processing Fee 1% 
Bank Finance Upto 80% of FMV of collateral security
(*) Note: Other Terms and Conditions shall be applicable as per the Bank’s Policy. In addition, to the above mentioned parameters the bank can analyze other details too, where deemed necessary.


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