Bancassurance is an agreement where bank and insurance company collaborate to provide insurance related products available in the market through bank’s distribution networks. Bancassurance simply means selling of insurance products by the bank.

Globalization, liberalization and cut throat competition have jointly brought the banking and the insurance sectors to facilitate each other and offer effective services to the customers for that instance, our bank also felt importance of introducing insurance services to customer and thus brought Bancassurance service.

Successfully carried out Bancassurance services with the following insurance companies

  • Non-Life Insurance Products:
  • Siddartha Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Nepal Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • NecoInsurance Co. Ltd.
  • NLG Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Lumbini Genral Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Ajod Insurance Co. Ltd
  • Sagarmatha Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • General Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Everest Insurance Co. Ltd.

Life Insurance Products

  • Asian life insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Citizen Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Reliable Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Prabhu Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Surya Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • National Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • IME Life Insurance Co. Ltd
  • Union Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Ltd.
  • Sanima Life Insurance Ltd.

Why Mahalaxmi Bancassurance?

We recommend our Bancassurance product to the customers because we are unique in the following grounds regarding Bancassurance products.

  • Insurance Product information
  • Communication
  • Convenient in premium payment
  • Assist in Claim settlement
  • Objection handling

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